How to enable logging with NAAF 4.x

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  • 02-Feb-2015
  • 03-May-2016


NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework
NAAF 4.10


How to capture a log file with NAAF
How do you configure basic logging for NAA?


Enable NAAF debug logging using the LogCollector tool on the Authenticore Server.  If the problem is seen on a different server or on a workstation, enable logging on the server or workstation where the problem is seen.  Restart the workstation and /or server after enabling logging, reproduce the problem and save the log file.


To obtain logs, use the LogCollector tool that is located in the \Tools\LogCollector subfolder of the NAAF distribution files.

  Please note, the tool may not work from a network drive.

 To obtain logs:

  1. Copy LogCollector.exe to the local C:\ disk on the computer where the problem is seen.
  2. Run LogCollector.exe.
  3. Click Enable in the Debug logs collector window. As a result, all items in the Debugged components section will be selected. Close the window.
  4. Reproduce the steps that caused the problem.
  5. Run LogCollector.exe again and click Save logs.
  6. Save logs to archive.
  7. Click Disable after obtaining logs.


If the problem involves multiple NAAF servers or workstations, or if it is suspected that problem may be network related, obtain logs from all affected machines (for example, from both the Authenticore Server and a workstation with NAAF Client).