Blank Screen after Authenticating to RDPRelay

  • 7016107
  • 27-Jan-2015
  • 27-Jan-2015


NetIQ Privileged User Manager


Blank screen after authentication to RDPRelay, instead of seeing the list of servers available to connect to. 


After checking the rule, it was discovered the user being logged in was not part of the RDPRelay rule.

Modifying that resolved the problem.


When connecting to RDPRelay via IE (https://<ip>/rdprelay) and authenticating with PUM credentials, a list of servers with sessions the logged in user is authorized to use is displayed.  This is the normal behavior of the product.  If a user is NOT authorized for any server sessions, no sessions will be displayed.

NOTE:  In this case the user was authenticating with the user 'admin', but the account group for Remote Desktop sessions did NOT contain that user.  Authenticating with a user in the group being referenced for Remote Desktop sessions allowed the list to be displayed and a connection to the remote server (RDP Target) completed.