Anti-Virus can interfere with the installation of NetIQ Advanced Analytics

  • 7016098
  • 23-Jan-2015
  • 23-Jan-2015


NetIQ Advanced Analytics 1.1


NetIQ Advanced Analytics installation fails with a password encryption error (failed to encrypt password).


To avoid or to correct this issue, you will either need to temporarily disable AV scanning long enough to run the installer, or you will need to configure the AV software not to block the execution of files or applications in the Temp directory.


Some Virus Scanning software can be configured to block file execution of files in the Temp directory.  If your AV is blocking this type of behavior, it will prevent the execution of the IQCredentialsValidator.exe application, which is used during installation.  When this application is blocked, it will be unable to then extract the Encryption executable, which means that the installer will be unable to encrypt any passwords being stored as a part of the installation process, causing the installer to fail with the described error.