iPrint Appliance Windows Renderer status: Configuration Failed

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  • 23-Jan-2015
  • 14-Apr-2020


Novell iPrint Appliance 2.x
Novell iPrint Appliance 3.x


After installing the Windows remote renderer software to a Windows machine, configuring the renderer, and registering the renderer from the iPrint Appliance Renderer Management Console (https://<ip address>:9443), the Windows remote renderer status shows:
Configuration Failed


  1. Cause the renderer workstation to be able to resolve the DNS name of the iPrint Appliance server.
    • Add a record for the iPrint Appliance server name to the DNS server
      • Ensure the Windows workstation's DNS server address shows the DNS server which you added the record
      • Ensure a ping of the iPrint Appliance DNS name resolves to the IP address of the iPrint Appliance server.
        • or
    • Add an entry to the workstation's hosts file.
      • Run NotePad in "run as administrator" mode.
      • Choose File -> Open and browse to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
        • Change the "Text Documents (*.txt)" to "All Files"
        • Open the hosts file
        • Add the IP address and DNS name of the iPrint Appliance server
      • Save the file
  2. Manually Remove Inactive Renderer
    • Steps for 2.x
      • rcnovell-iprint-mobile stop
      • iprintmobile_config_renderer -l
        • Copy the long ID between the first two pipe ( | ) characters
      • iprintmobile_config_renderer -r <rendererID>
        • Replace <rendererID> with the long ID copied in the above step
          • If more than one renderer is listed, remove those other renderers as well
      • rcnovell-iprint-mobile start
    • Steps for 3.x
      • Run these commands:
        • rcnovell-iprint-mobile stop
        • su - tomcat -c "/usr/sbin/orientdb-console"
          • Yes, quotes are needed
        • connect plocal:/var/opt/novell/iprintmobile/databases/iprint admin admin
        • Determine if the remote renderer shows a configured from the server:
          • list classes
            • Example of not configured:
              • |93|Renderer |  |renderer(67),renderer_1(68) |0|
            • Example of configured:
              • |93|Renderer |  |renderer(67),renderer_1(68) |1|
        • Delete from Renderer
        • quit
        • rcnovell-iprint-mobile start
    • Steps for 4.x
      • Contact Micro Focus Support
  3. Re-register the renderer
    • Go to the iPrint Appliance Management console:
      • https://<ip address of iPrint Appliance>:9443/iprintconfig/renderers
    • Click New and follow the steps to register the Windows renderer.


The renderer workstation is unable to resolve the DNS name of the iPrint Appliance server.