Group Policy changes are not saved when editing Sandox

  • 7016063
  • 14-Jan-2015
  • 01-May-2015


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Policies


  • ZENworks Control Center/Centre (ZCC)
  • Windows Group Policies (GPO)
  • Sandbox only - published Group Policies do not have a problem
  • Steps to recreate
  1. ZCC -> Policies -> Select/Edit Existing Windows Group Policy -> Details Tab
  2. Click Configure Button
  3. The policy settings are downloaded and the Windows Group Policy Editor is automatically started
  4. Make changes to the Group Policy
  5. Exit the Editor
  6. Success dialogue box is displayed -> Click OK
  7. Click Upload button to upload the settings to the server
  8. Message from webpage dialogue is displayed -> Click OK
  9. Click Apply button to save the policy as a Sandbox version
  10. Immediately go back to Step 2
  11. At Step 4, all the most recent changes will be missing


This is fixed in FTF Roll Up 1 for ZENworks 11.3.2 - see KB 7016205 "FTF Roll Up 1 for ZENworks 11.3.2 (7016205)" which can be found at"Courier New">Apply (Step 9, above) , click on the Details tab before configuring the Group Policy again.