Events in Sentinel display errorlog.x in the delta

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  • 08-Jan-2015
  • 08-Jan-2015


NetIQ Change Guardian 4.0
NetIQ Change Guardian 4.0.1
NetIQ Change Guardian 4.1.
NetIQ Change Guardian 4.1.1
NetIQ Sentinel 7.x


Change Guardian events sent to Sentinel show errorlog.x message in the attachment.
CG events with an event destination to Sentinel display errorlog.x under the shield icon.
Forward events to Sentinel from Change Guardian does not display CG events correctly in the Sentinel Web Interface.


Add the Change Guardian Server License key into the Sentinel License key area.  
1.) Login to the Sentinel Web Interface and select the about link in the top right had of the screen.
2.) On the about screen select the Licenses link at the top of the page.
3.) Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the Add License button.
4.) Copy the Change Guardian license key and paste it into the add license key area. 
5.) Once the license key is correctly applied Change Guardian will show up under features. 

* Ensure the license key for Change Guardian that is used is accurate or an error will be received when applying the key.  The most accurate license key can be copied from the website. 


The Change Guardian attachments that are sent with generated events are not recognized by Sentinel as a default.  The license key  for Change Guardian must be added to enable this feature in Sentinel.