Unable to browse using server/volume in Windows Explorer

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  • 06-Jan-2015
  • 12-Jan-2015


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows


When using the Novell Client and logged into the network, the user cannot browse to a server/volume; an empty list is displayed. However, when clicking on the server icon itself, the user can see server volumes and then browse normally.

For example,

Browsing through the (NSS) volume object (not working case):

  -- COMPANY (Tree)
     -- Level1 (Container)
        -- Level2 (Container)
           -- Level3 (Container)
              -- FINANCE (Share)
An empty list is displayed with this message: "This folder is empty"

Browsing through the server object (working case):

  -- COMPANY (Tree)
     -- Level1 (Container)
        -- Level2 (Container)
           -- Level3 (Container)
              -- Company\.Level3.Level2.Level1 (Computer)
                 -- finance (Share)
The contents of the folder are displayed.


Disable the DFS client. By default, the DFS client is enabled.

To disable the DFS client, launch REGEDIT.EXE and navigate to 
the following registry key:


Set the DWORD value DisableDfs to "1" to disable the DFS client.


When the DFS client is enabled, and the domain name is the same as the Novell eDirectory tree name, a DNS resolve call goes to the AD domain controller, which responds with the referral IP address.

The Windows network redirector, redirects these calls to the IP address provided by the Domain controller. The Domain Controller responds correctly with NO_SUCH_FILE.