eDirectory to eDirectory driver fails to connect with SSL handshake error after applying IDM 4.0.2 Engine patch 7

  • 7016032
  • 05-Jan-2015
  • 07-Jan-2015


IDM 4.02 connecting two eDirectory instances together using the eDirectory to eDirectory driver.


One instance of IDM 4.02 has Engine patch 7 applied.
The eDirectory driver starts successfully but the SSL handshake to remote IDM 4.02 instance fails with the error

Message: java.io.IOException: SSL handshake failed, SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL, error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number


The remote instance of IDM 4.02 also needs IDM 4.02 patch 7 applied to be compatible with SSL security fixes introduced with this IDM patch.
Once both instances of IDM 4.02 are patched, the SSL handshake will be successful.