Sentinel 7.2 was not properly upgraded in a SLES HA environment

  • 7016029
  • 05-Jan-2015
  • 02-Feb-2015


NetIQ Sentinel 7.2 Sentinel Server


  • Sentinel was installed, and subsequently upgraded, in a SLES HA environment.
  • /var/opt/novell/log/install.log does not have any entries for the latest upgrade.
  • The rpm database on each node reports the current release.
  • Executing ` sql SIEM dbauser "select db_version from esec_db_version" returns the previous version.


Prior to following this workaround, ensure the following is done as a precaution:
  • Perform a backup of the config and data.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all steps are to be performed on a passive node.

  1. On the selected passive node, stop cluster services (rcopenais stop)
  2. Remove Sentinel.(/opt/novell/sentinel/setup/uninstall–sentinel)
  3. Copy the install.props that was generated on the initial node that sentinel was installed from.
  4. If not already present and extracted, copy the sentinel_server- file to /tmp
  5. Change to the /tmp folder. Expand the Sentinel 7.2.0 gz file if not already extracted (tar -zxvf sentinel_server-
  6. CD into the sentinel_server- folder
  7. Run the following:

    ./install-sentinel --no-start --cluster-node --unattended=/tmp/install.props && insserv -r sentinel

  8. Rsync the following files between the active node and this re-installed node:
        - /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/
        - /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/
        - /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/
        - /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/

  9. Stop the Sentinel clustered resource. Manually perform the following:
    a. Mount the shared resource.
    b. (Optional) Manually assign the clustered address as a secondary address. (ifconfig eth0:1

  10. Manually start the sentinel daemon (as user novell, run start) and wait 5 - 10 minutes.
    If `netstat -an | grep 8443` still doesn't show the server is listening on the port, /opt/novell/sentinel/setup/ may require to be executed. If it is, don't change anything.

  11. Perform the upgrade as user root:
    a. If not already present and extracted, copy the sentinel_server- to the /tmp of the temp node.
    b. If not already extracted, extract sentinel_server-
    c. cd sentinel_server-
    d. ./install-sentinel

  12. Verify Sentinel starts successfully, is accessible, and is starting to process events.
  13. Verify the install was recorded in the /var/opt/novell/sentinel/log/install.log file.
  14. Stop Sentinel (As user novell, run stop)
  15. Manually dismount the shared resource. If 9b was performed, manually unbind the secondary address (ifdown eth0:1).
  16. Verify sentinel is not set to start automatically. (chkconfig sentinel stop).
  17. Start cluster services (rcopenais start).
  18. Verify Sentinel starts successfully on one of the nodes, is accessible, and is starting to process events.


Each node, including the active node, was upgraded using the --cluster-node parameter.

Additional Information

The --cluster-node parameter instructs the upgrade not to touch the /var/opt/novell folder, as it tells the install routine that the current node is a passive node within the cluster.

This workaround is not applicable for a Sentinel HA Appliance environment.