Does the DRA Service Account password support special characters

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  • 15-Dec-2014
  • 27-Jan-2015


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 8.7.x


DRA has several Windows Services that run in the context of a designated Active Directory Domain Account. This account is known as the Service Account. AD allows for the use of non-alphabetic characters within the account password. If the password contains a semicolon or Space , the DRA 8.7.x install will fail, and roll back. If this is an upgrade from 8.6.x , the install will remove DRA 8.6.x from the Windows Add / Remove Programs list.


Before attempting to upgrade to DRA 8.7.x or install fresh 8.7.x ensure that the DRA Service account password does NOT contain a Space nor semicolon . If an upgrade to 8.7.x has failed, you should attempt to recover from a upgrade OS backup or VM Snapshot. Should you not revert to a back; and change the password, the next attempt to install DRA 8.7.x will result in a fresh install of DRA. At this point you should contact NetIQ Technical Support for further assistance.


The DRA 8.7.x installer uses both a space and semicolon to separate various parameters being passed to subroutines executed from the main installer. This causes the subroutines to fail. By the time the installer has reached the point of running the subroutines, it's unable to successfully roll back to the previous version of DRA.