SSPR Email Error: error sending email (554 Transaction failed: Invalid domain name: ''.)

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  • 01-Dec-2014
  • 01-Dec-2014


NetIQ Self Service Password Reset 3.x


When attempting to setup email messages for password events the following error is received at the top of the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) login page:

WARN - Error - Unable to send email due to error: 554 Transaction failed Invalid domain name: ''

After Turning the log level to trace the following is seen in the SSPR log.

2014-11-25T05:42:27Z, TRACE, queue.EmailQueueManager, queued item successfully sent and removed from queue: {"itemID":216,"timestamp":"2014-11-25T05:42:27Z","to":"","from":"Event Notification <noreply@>","subject":"SSPR - Audit Event - STARTUP"}, queue size: 0
2014-11-25T05:42:27Z, ERROR, queue.EmailQueueManager, error sending email (554 Transaction failed: Invalid domain name: ''.
) from: Event Notification <noreply@>, to:, subject: SSPR - Audit Event - STARTUP, permanent failure, discarding message
2014-11-25T05:42:27Z, ERROR, queue.EmailQueueManager, error during email send attempt: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPSendFailedException: 554 Transaction failed: Invalid domain name: ''.

2014-11-25T05:42:27Z, TRACE, pwm.SessionManager, incremented request counter, current pwmFormID=sVg1eo5BdIAA5h8cTQyOuCOC3kDIjZ2K149e5710efcvh46or []
2014-11-25T05:42:27Z, TRACE, util.ServletHelper, forwarding to /WEB-INF/jsp/login.jsp []


There are several potential resolutions to this issue.   

1.   Configure the SiteURL to a DNS name instead of an IP address.

2.  Remove all noreply@ messages from SSPR, by removing all the noreply@@SiteHost@ email addresses in your email configuration, and turning off the event notification emails by removing the email addres in System Audit Event Email Alerts (leave it blank) (system, logging & Auditing)   This specific startup error is coming from the Event Notification system.   So removing the email address in System Audit Event Email Alerts, got rid of the error.

3   Try using different SMTP Server.


SSPR is configured to send out SSPR status emails by default for startup and other events with the SSPR server.    These emails come from the @SiteHost.   So if if the SiteURL is configured with an IP address, the @SiteHost will be @IPAddress.   Some SMTP servers do not allow that and require a dns name.