Unable to Login to iPrint Appliance 1.1 using Windows Phone App

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  • 01-Dec-2014
  • 08-Dec-2014


iPrint Appliance 1.1
Windows Mobile app
Nokia Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.12397.895)


When attempting to authenticate to the iPrint Appliance 1.1 from the iPrint Windows mobile app, the following message is returned:
Unable to login. Please check and re-enter your username and password
Android and iOS apps authenticate fine with the same user/password combination


Install the certificate:
  1. Open google chrome on a desktop machine
  2. Type in the iprint server url after https:// and tap enter
      • Your connection is not private message will appear
  3. Click on the lock icon located in the address bar
  4. Click on certificate information
  5. Select the "details tab"
  6. Click on "copy to file".
    • Welcome to certificate export wizard will appear
  7. Click on "Next".
    • Export File Format page will be displayed
  8. Click "next"
  9. Save the certificate in a location for later access.
  10. Attach and mail that certificate to the Windows phone device
  11. Open the certificate on the phone and install the same.
  12. Log in using the iPrint app for Windows.


This condition exists when there is a mismatch on the certificate CN name from the Appliance. As Windows phone framework does not give the option to accept the certificate when there is a name mismatch.  Android and iOS provide the end user an opportunity to accept the certificate. A Windows phone requires the certificate to be installed manually to the phone.

Additional Information

The following steps will put the iPrint Appliance in the scenario listed above:

When the iPrint Appliance is initially configured the YAST process allows the administrator to create a host name for the server.  For example: aa.bb.cc.  Later, the Print Manager is configured to bind to a different DNS name.  For example xx.bb.cc. As aa.bb.cc was entered as host name, the certificate CN was created using this name. After importing the certificate in the Windows mobile phone, the server URL must be aa.bb.cc. This is a limitation on the windows 8.1 framework. Android and IOS will provide the end user the opportunity to accept the certificate and once accepted, the Print Manager DNS name, xx.bb.cc, can be used without issue.

For example:

Certificate CN name = cert.novell.com
DNS name for iprintmanager= iprint.novell.com

  1. Android and IOS app log in using the iPrint server address of iprint.novell.com
    • A warning will be displayed about certificate name mismatch. Accept the certificate and log in using iprint.novell.com
  2. Windows phone app log in using the iPrint server address of iprint.novell.com
    • Windows phone will just throw the above mentioned error and you'll not be able to log in
  3. After import the certificate on the Windows mobile phone and using iprint.novell.com as server address:
    • Windows phone will present the above mentioned error and you will not be able to log in
  4. After import the certificate on the Windows mobile phone and using cert.novell.com as server address:
    • Login will succeed