How to Add an image to a SSPR password event email message

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  • 28-Nov-2014
  • 28-Nov-2014


NetIQ Self Service Password Reset 3.1


How do you add an image (company logo for example) to a password event email message sent to the user from Self Service Password Reset?


This can be done by editing the email message and pasting in the image in the HTML Body section of the email message.  (Settings, Email)   Once you save the changes to configuration editor, the email will contain the image you inserted.

A couple of potential problems to be aware of.

1.   If you use a URL to the image (as see in the HTML editor), then that URL image linke has to be available to the user when they open the email.

You can convert an image file to a base64 image file to use instead of a url, then it will be sent as html to with the email message and does not require an accessible URL to the image.   See Additional Information below on an example how to do that.

2.  The ability to receive and view the image is very dependent upon the email client the user is using, their email client settings,  and potentially the smtp server your using for SSPR.

For example:   I had a customer using MS Exchange, and they could not see the image file.   However I took their same setting for the email message and could see it using a posttext SMTP server and Groupwise client.

Additionally, I also found that the web based gmail would not display message in base64 format, but would prompt to view the image if it was sent as a URL Image link.    The same message could be see in Mac OS and Mozilla Thunderbird email clients using IMAP to the gmail account.

So the end result is that Yes, SSPR can send an image in the email message, but it is very depending upon the email client and settings if the image can be received and viewed properly.

Additional Information

How to convert an image file to a html base64 image.  

Here are the steps I took to do this.
1.  save the image file locally.
2. Searched web and found a site that encoded images.   I Used the below link:
3.  Selected the image file and click encode
4.  Copy the HTML encoding :  <img   ....   />
5.  Edit the email  you want the place the image in, and click the HTML Body field to get into the HTML editor.  Then click the button to view the HTML Source  and paste the HTML encoding (from <img   />) and click ok
6.  Save and deploy.   (action, Save)
Then test.