Contents of the SSPR LocalDB

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  • 20-Nov-2014
  • 22-Oct-2019


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What is in the SSSPR Local Database?
Does the SSPR LocalDB need to be backed up?


The SSPR LocalDB contains the following:

1. Temporary caches
2. Statistics data for that node
3. Temporary intruder status data
4. Logging data 
5. User response data, if configured.  Note: with the possible exception of demo environments, SSPR should be configured to store user data in an LDAP directory or a remote database.  NetIQ does not recommended  storing user data in the SSPR local database.

Thus, there is no need to make back up the above data, or to make it redundant or highly available.  If any of the above data is lost, there is no user impact.  The only exception is #5 - user response data, and this is not an issue if you store responses in LDAP or in a database.