Run Action As resets to System after being changed to User

  • 7015893
  • 14-Nov-2014
  • 14-Nov-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Bundles


In bundle actions, when setting the Run Action As, there is a System and User option.  After setting the option to User, the action is saved and applied.  Then when going back into the action properties, the Run Action As has been moved back to System.

This happens only on Internet Explorer 10 and 11.  The problem does not seem to happen with Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 and earlier.


Currently, there is a workaround of setting the compatibility view option in IE 10 and 11 for ZCM.  Follow the steps below:

1) In IE 10 or 11, push the Alt key to bring up the Edit | File | View | Favorites | Tools | Help menu. 
2) Select Tools then Compatibility View Settings
3) Enter the ZCM Zone URL  (If these steps are followed when in ZCC, it will automatically enter the website URL)
4) Click Add, then Close.


Reported to Engineering