ndsd fails to start error -796

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  • 10-Nov-2014
  • 03-Jan-2017


NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.8
Novell eDirectory 8.8.7


ndsd fails to start -796 error
ndsd.log reports error -796 when starting ndsd
ndsd status is dead
The ndsd.log file reports:
-2050414848: RECM: [Sun Nov  9 12:39:50 2014] FATAL: DB : ERROR: Flaim IO error in lowLevelWrite: pwrite2 28, fd 98, iBytesWritten -1, uiBytesToWrite 512, ui64WriteOffset 0, 
-2050414848: RECM: [Sun Nov  9 12:39:50 2014] FATAL: DB+: i 1
-2050414848: RECM: [Sun Nov  9 12:39:50 2014] FATAL: DB : ERROR: Failed to write out the header for RFL file with error 0xC220
Nov 09 12:39:51  The local agent could not be opened - failed, error writing to file (-796)
Nov 09 12:39:52  GAMS Init called

The _ndsdb.ini shows rfl is enabled


Clear up space for ndsd to start by moving the rfl files.  Suggest moving as a precaution.
Use the igrfl swith to start ndsd.  This will reset the rfl logs
  • /etc/init.d/ndsd start -igrfl
List the dsbk configuration
  • dsbk getconfig
  • vi the ndsd.log (Default: /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/ndsd.log)
In the dsbk configuration look for the Last roll forward log not used and Current roll forward log
Move those files back to the rfl directory listed in the _ndsdb.ini or from the dsbk getconfig.  Usually only the Current roll forward log is required.  As a precaution the Last roll forward log not used can also be moved but should not be required.

Check that ndsd can start with out the igrfl switch by restarting ndsd
  • rcndsd restart
If ndsd fails to start with out the igrfl switch, start ndsd with -igrfl again.  Then disable rfls.
  • rcndsd start -igrfl
  • dsbk setconfig -l (lower case L disables.  Uppercase L enables)
Now restart ndsd with no switches to verify ndsd will load.


Additional Information

NOTE:  If running eDirectory on Linux systemd distributions such as SLES 12 or RHEL 7, refer to TID 7018431 for additional information.

How to Configure dsbk for Linux - 7001114