Satellite Server runs out of Disk Space during Content Replication

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  • 06-Nov-2014
  • 06-Nov-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.x Content
ZENworks Satellite Server on Linux
ZENworks Satellite Server on Windows


  • Satellite Server content replication gets stuck part way through the replication process
  • The Satellite Server runs out of disk space

The following may be seen in the zmd-messages.log:

[ZenworksWindowsService] [76] [] [CDP: Default] [] [Insufficient space to download content '<content-guid>'. Aborting download.]

The following may be seen when running the zac cic command:

Attempting to import <content-guid>
Insufficient space to import file '<content-guid>'.  Aborting import...
Insufficent disk space to import content.  Aborting import.
Imported 0 items.
Error importing one or more items.  See log for details.


  1. Export the content for the satellite from the primary server with the command:
    zman ssec <satellite-zcc-path> <path-to-save-export>
  2. Manually merge the exported files into the content-repo on the satellite server
  3. Update the local content information on the Satellite Server with the command:
    zac cvc

Additional Information

This can happen even where a separate partition or drive has been provided for content. The content follows this path as it is downloaded and cached on the Satellite Server:

Temp-folder > ZENcache > content repository

If the Temp-folder and/or ZENcache are on the main drive that is low on space, this will fail. This will happen even if the content repository partition or drive has enough space for the content.