Cancel button appears on New User Agreement form, even though disabled

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  • 29-Oct-2014
  • 29-Oct-2014


NetIQ Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 3.0.x
SSPR 3.1
SSPR 3.2
Check box for enabling the cancel button is unchecked


"Cancel" button appears on new user registration form
This occurs even with the check box for enabling the cancel button unchecked (configuration manager--> settings --> user interface)
Cancel button does not appear on other pages (as expected)
Disabling cancel button does not work for new user registration form. 


This is working as designed.

The check box for enabling the cancel button that appears under settings --> user interface intentionally does not apply to the new user registration form. If we are going to ask users to accept an agreement, we need to also give them the option to not accept the agreement. 

Additional Information

Note:  The SSPR new user registration page does not appear unless the check box has been enabled for "Enable new user registration," and the "New user agreement message" has been populated.   Both settings are found in Configuration Manager --> Modules --> New User Registration.