Autostarting Exchange Service before Driver on RemoteLoader Server

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  • 20-Oct-2014
  • 20-Oct-2014


NetIQ Identity Manager 4.0
NetIQ Identity Manager Driver - Active Directory


In some situations it have been observed that the start of the IDM Exchange Service (and also PowerShell Service) can take a very long time, due to remote connection to the exchange environment.

This causes the Driver not to be able to issue Exchange commands.


It is possible to configure a service to be dependable on another service. Ie. the service will not be able to start or stop before the other service have been started or stopped.

Microsoft Windows provides a command line tool (sc.exe) which can be used to configure existing services (also it can be used to create and delete services).

sc.exe config "DirXMLRemote 8000" start= delayed-auto depend = "IDM_AD_Ex2010_Service"

This will make "DirXMLRemote 8000" depend on "IDM_AD_Ex2010_Service", meaning that if "IDM_AD_Ex2010_Service" is not running it will be start,
and if  "IDM_AD_Ex2010_Service" is stopped, then it will also stop the remote loader for the AD Driver.

The 'delayed-auto' will be approx 1 second after the depending service have been started, but it is possible to change this;

This can be controlled with:


HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\services\DirXMLRemote 8000\DelayedAutostart = 1 (default), if there is a problem then one can try to raise the delay to 10 seconds, and so forth. If the dalay goes beyond 3 minutes then something else might be wrong.


The reason for this problem, is that when the IDM_AD_Ex2010_Service" is starting, it will connect to the Exchange system, which can take time, and cause for the service not to be ready when the Remote Loader starts processing, which then can causes errors.