ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3.2 - update information and list of fixes

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  • 15-Oct-2014
  • 24-Aug-2015


Novell ZENworks Asset Management
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption
Novell ZENworks Patch Management


Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.2) and Readme can be downloaded from https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=l3sAaQ2eGb8~


Defects Addressed:

876866 - Fresh 11.3.1 agent installation causes BSOD on machine
876651 - Imaging NIC driver support for Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga USB dongle
882469 - After update to 11.3, non Superadmin remote control takes a long time to establish the connection
903534 - BSOD zesdac service disappears.  Does not happen after system update.
873720 - Files larger than 2 GB are not imported correctly into the content repository
890231 - Imprivata OneSign & Novell ZCM interoperability
903990 - Patch bundles fail to install without logged in user
890200 - System update from 11.3.1 fails during pre-global actions phase in Oracle DB
883133 - Unexpected exception processing actin in StandaloneHandler at Novell.Zenworks.ActionManager.CachedFileSet.GetTempDir
865599 - Encrypting Dell Latitude E6540 gets PBA white screen
892687 - Queue action soft.delete.objects.cleanup never finishes.  Causes high database utilization
901849 - MSSQL Remote Control rights error for non super admins
891516 - User assigned bundles do not launch on user login or Zenworks login schedule
895832 - Agent cleanup tool fails to remove the entire agent, fails with timeout and no exit code
864478 - ZCM 11.2.4 DLU accounts are being created with 'Password never expires'
902492 - Agent update to 11.3.1 causes Chrome browser to crash
883504 - Patch thread doesn't seem to be running after processing .plr files on the server
889075 - Since 11.3, zman prb does not remove workstation assignments
885424 - Upgrade to 11.3 fails - Datamodel exception while getting DB configuration, table zZone not found
901720 - Extra reboot after main image is applied from preboot bundle
867146 - Scheduled bundles fail to launch intermittently
863847 - Server unresponsive on ZCC and zenworks-ping
897900 - Not possible to launch zac commands
894215 - Bundle reboot action with 'allow user to cancel' option does not enforce reboot
882091 - Exception when attempting to register to NCC for System Updates
875621 - After 11.3 update, ZCC admin appears to have all rights but 'view leaf' denied
889671 - Inventory ADF calendar fields in ZCC only work for leased computers
891812 - FDE agent policy does not display in About error: XML to HTML transform not found
866037 - Inventory reports memory, hard disk, and free space as 0 - Error accessing SMBIOS data
875054 - ZDC doesn't report corrupt MSIs
887150 - Bundle content goes missing
885760 - ZCC is very slow when viewing bundle lists
889401 - Img command hangs when booting from USB (created with ZENusbcreator)
873468 - Inconsistent device registration behavior
414112 - Oracle DB specific parameters/information added in documentation
874827 - Software usage data not available for users with long name
892671 - Zenlgn.log is not written to when debug is enabled
804814 - ZCM license audit incorrectly uses 'includes disabled accounts for license requirements'
886135 - Users logged out of ZCM 11.3 on VPN
896163 - Missing files in inventory file scan
897322 - Not possible to install a 2nd primary server with LDAP based administrator
869002 - 'Innercacheerror' when content is not available for download
892415 - Device loopback setting is not updated per ZESM policy type
887358 - Can't search bundles for non-super admin users
891705 - Remote management fails if user has special character in full name
888502 - Roaming profile will not be supported with GroupWise configured to use CASA for SSO
890991 - After upgrading to ZCM agent 11.3.1, the PBA no longer recognizes the Smartcard reader
887817 - Icons fail intermittently to appear on desktop/start menu until NALVIEW.exe is run
895969 - After a successful assignment of a USB connectivity policy, the devices are not being properly blocked when inserted
877056 - Update of Java and Tomcat
867225 - No nag when user source cert is going to expire
884804 - Upgrade crashes again from 11.2 to 11.3 due to bug 754861
870721 - ZCM 11.3 unable to remove satellite from DB, ZCM SSD command is not working
851207 - File transfer often fails to complete
891156 - Since 11.3, no way to control failed directory size for status storer
892762 - 'Not implemented' returned on all CDP satellite content requests
891473 - DB migration from MSSQL to Oracle is failingto migrate audit database for ZCM 11.3.1
887611 - Since 11.3, only zman ssas fails to launch java.exe on windows primary
898656 - Bundle reboot action with allow user to cancel option does not enforce reboot
884060 - Zenworks agent is blocking normal user authentication via http to external company network
858520 - Agent not defaulting to English when unsupported language is configured
893796 - ZPM is not mentioned as part of coexistence section with ZFD on Deployment Zenworks Agent section
885492 - Problem with ZCC home summary view bundle count
879033 - Agent cannot load 64 bit SWT error after upgrading server from OES2 to OES11
883430 - CA role change to new OS is not supported per documentation, yet is easily done
825492 - Documentation states lack of support for VDI seamless login
894586 - Unable to add discovered product to coverage
884456 - Disaster steps wrong for Section 2.1, replacing first primary server with the second primary server
855502 - Error building content paths 'ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException'
868669 - Importing purchase record for existing product does not update licensed product count
889475 - ZENworks scheduled report error if message length is more than 1000 characters
863529 - Zman ssaimg is setting the default schedule and not the imaging schedule
873558 - No help page or documentation for satellite schedule content types
898519 - Documentation for audit DB install needs to be updated
878895 - Problems with the linkage between dimensions in discovered products
890842 - Since 11.3.1, update probe/diagnostics broken
883630 - ERI file is never uploaded, reboot does not fix it
853336 - Bundle install delayed when set to run at user login event
868038 - Software not being collected in inventory scan
863020 - System update failed to update the database
889965 - Customer inventory folders not showing all entries by default
887711 - Launch windows thin client application doesn't work after agent upgrade to 11.3 or 11.3 FRU1
881502 - Replication of shared bundles between zones fails
816124 - Bundle accessing HKCU when use session is not available halts ZCM processes
884137 - Location stuck in default or unknown
886166 - Remote management console doesn't show thumbnail of applications grouped on task bar when mirage driver is disabled
889253 - Error 'CachedItemError' running Office update bundle on Turkish language devices
892816 - Scheduled report cannot be created due to date error
862092 - Missing steps around how to create a certificate using MS certificate solution
896437 - ZCM license audit incorrectly uses 'Includes disabled accounts for license requirements' 
886735 - Redundant policy assignments/unassignments should not force user logout
898157 - Scheduled bundles fail to launch intermittently
892133 - Custom menu scripting PXE with UEFI partitions not working (same menu as with BIOS)
884095 - Document how to upgrade from 11.2.x with Oracle RAC configured to 11.3 with Oracle RAC configured
904326 - The status of the bundle is showing as unknown even if the bundle was successfully installed
895705 - Unable to add discovered product to coverage
899838 - Need for complete sidChange command help and documentation
892668 - Bundle accessing HKCU when user session is not available halts ZCM processes
884801 - ZPM not deploying updates assigned to devices
861587 - ZCM 11.3 Scientific Linux does not show OS correctly in inventory tab
898149 - Documentation for new parameter for storer.xml
864436 - Exception while getting the update TimeStamp flag: Requested registry access is not allowed
873801 - Need warning if running system update from a server other than dedicated update server
802876 - Device status red icon does not clean up even after deleting the failing bundle/policy
838423 - Report of discovered products is different than discovered products list
895106 - Tuxera driver does not replicate to the primary servers
891091 - Since 11.3, zac ci shows error on Linux
892601 - Mac bundle system requirements fail to properly calculate application version
876669 - Satellite server runs out of disk space
876528 - ZCC Device hot list cannot be reordered on message severity

Additional Information

See the update readme  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=l3sAaQ2eGb8~ for compatibility, new features, reboot behavior and known limitations.

System Requirements:
ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP3 or higher. After downloading the zip file, it is strongly recommended that you compare the MD5 checksum for the file with the one shown on the Novell Downloads page, before attempting to deploy.

Do not deploy this update until all Primary Servers and Satellites in the zone have been upgraded to ZENworks 11 SP3.  

This update requires schema changes to be made to the database. As such, only one primary server should have its services running during the initial patch installation so that other primaries are not trying to access the tables being changed in the database.  

After the first Master Primary or dedicated server has been updated, the remaining servers can restart their services and apply the update simultaneously. 

For agents that are ZENworks 10.3.4 or later, this update is cumulative and when deployed will update the agents directly to the Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.2). 

Importing the Update
Download ZENworks_11.3.2_Update.zip from this update.
  1. Copy the zip file to one of the ZENworks servers in the Zone. (if System Update is configured to use a “Dedicated System Update Server”, use this server for the import). Do not unzip the file.

    For example:
    On Linux, copy the zip file t
    o /tmp
    On Windows, copy the zip file to %ZENWORKS_HOME%

  2. Using a command prompt on the ZENworks server where you copied the zip file in step 1, run the command 
    zman sui
     [path to zip file]
    For details, run the command 
    zman sui --help

    For example on Windows:
    zman sui "C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\ZENworks_11.3.2_Update.zip"
    For example on Linux: 
    zman sui /tmp/ZENworks_11.3.2_Update.zip

  3. The zman sui command should report: "The update(s) contained in "[path to file]" ZENworks_11.3.2_Update.zip will begin importing shortly. You may use ZCC to track the status of your import".
  4. In ZENworks Control Center, navigate to Configuration > System Updates and monitor the status of "Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.2)", until it shows "Downloaded"
  5. After the Update is imported, it needs to replicate to all content servers.  This replication can be tracked by navigating to Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.2)> Replication Status.
  6. Continue Deployment AFTER replication is 100% on all content servers.