What does the SecureLogin "EndScript" command do?

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  • 10-Oct-2014
  • 10-Oct-2014


Novell SecureLogin
NetIQ SecureLogin
NSL 6.x
NSL 7.x
NSL 8.x


What is the purpose of the SecureLogin "EndScript" command?
What does EndScript do?


The EndScript command tells SecureLogin to terminate the script immediately.  It can be included at the end of any section of the script.  Once encountered SecureLogin will not proceed any further, and will not run other sections of the script.  After an EndScript has been encountered, the only way to get the script to run again would be to either relaunch the webpage (assuming a web app) or (assuming a Windows app) to relaunch the executable or otherwise send a wm_create event for the executable.