Install fails for Zenworks Reporting Server 5

  • 7015742
  • 03-Oct-2014
  • 24-Oct-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Installation - Server


The install of ZENworks Reporting Server 5 (ZR5) on a ZENworks primary server fails.
There is no visible error in the GUI install, but a standard 404 error is displayed when trying to access the https://localhost:8443 site afterwards.

<ZR5 install path>\Novell\zenworks-reporting\js\installation.log has the following:

Error running initdb.exe -U postgres -E UTF8 -D E:/ZENworks/Novell/ZENWOR~1/js/POSTGR~1/data : Program ended with an error exit code
Executing sc stop
Script exit code: 1639


This error normally appears because of improper permissions configured for the <ZR5 install path>\Novell\zenworks-reporting folder.

Try the following:
1. Remove the current install of ZR5 from the server through Add/Remove programs.
2. Navigate to <ZR5 install path>\Novell\zenworks-reporting and clear any remaining content from the directory, but do not delete the zenworks-reporting folder.
3. In the properties of the zenworks-reporting folder, go to the Security tab. Add the user "Everyone" and give that user all rights.
4. Run the install of ZR5 again.

If the above doesn't work, try installing the ZR5 server on a server that is not a ZENworks Primary server.