No Novell login screen or Novell tile with Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent installed

  • 7015723
  • 30-Sep-2014
  • 03-Oct-2014


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows
Microsoft Windows 7
Citrix XenDesktop 7
Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent


Upon installing the Novell Client, the user is not seeing any Novell login tile or the Novell login screen when they boot the machine.


To configure a workstation with the Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent for use with the Novell Credential Provider:

Create the Novell Client NCCredProvider GUID as a SUBKEY (not a value) under


so that you have a subkey named 


There is no specific value you need to create under that subkey; just the subkey itself needs to exist.


On a machine where the Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent is deployed, Citrix may install a credential provider (PicaCredentialProvider) and may also filter out the Novell Credential Provider.

To verify that this is the case, open regedit.exe and navigate to 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers

and search the entries for {CA161BBE-D405-458e-B5C4-EEE681C19514}. This will be identified as “PicaCredentialProvider”.

Then, navigate to 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Provider Filters and look for {FF525C75-290A-411A-98B6-2729537D6F38}

This will be identified as “CPicaCredProvFilter”.

According to Citrix Article CTX135556, "Guidelines to Implement Third Party Credential Providers in Conjunction with XenDesktop Tech Preview", it is possible to implement third party credential providers in conjunction with XenDesktop 7.