ZCC won't load after applying OS patches on Linux

  • 7015722
  • 30-Sep-2014
  • 11-Feb-2016


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 ZENworks Control Center - ZCC
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 ZENworks Control Center - ZCC
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 3 (SLES 11 SP3)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2


  • Applied operating system patches to the ZENworks Primary server using yast2 wagon or other means
  • ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) no longer responds
  • When going to ZCC on the Primary server, the browser just spins
  • zman commands hang on the primary server after entering zone administrator credentials


It is not recommended to use the ZENworks Primary server for tasks other than running ZENworks. Please see the Server Usage item in Update for ZENworks 11 SP2 - System Requirements and ZENworks 11 SP3 System Requirements .


Do the following on the Primary server seeing this issue:
  1. Roll back the following patches to the previous version for each:
    • SLES11-SP3-Updates | libtcnative-1-0         | 1.3.3-12.2.1      | x86_64
    • SLES11-SP3-Updates | tomcat6                 | 6.0.41-0.43.1     | noarch
    • SLES11-SP3-Updates | tomcat6-jsp-2_1-api     | 6.0.41-0.43.1     | noarch
    • SLES11-SP3-Updates | tomcat6-lib             | 6.0.41-0.43.1     | noarch
    • SLES11-SP3-Updates | tomcat6-servlet-2_5-api | 6.0.41-0.43.1     | noarch
    1. Open YaST > Software Management
    2. Search for the patch
    3. Select the patch
    4. Select the Versions tab
    5. Select the radio button next to the next version back
    6. Click Accept
  2. Restart the ZENworks services with the command: novell-zenworks-configure -c Start

Additional Information

This issue can also happen if Novell Open Enterprise Server is upgraded from version 11 SP1 to version 11 SP2. Please note that Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 is not a supported platform for any version of ZENworks. Please see the supported operating systems listed in the documentation linked in the Resolution.

If this is being seen because of an Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 upgrade, the situation is technically outside of ZENworks support. The workaround may only be used to allow for backing up the ZENworks Primary server and migrating it off the unsupported platform. This backup and migration process may or may not work because of the unsupported platform.