Error 5037 "The OTP entered is incorrect."

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  • 18-Sep-2014
  • 18-Sep-2014


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 3.1


Intermittent error 5037, "The OTP entered is incorrect. Please enter correct OTP or try regenerating the OTP" 
Error occurs even when the correct One Time Password (OTP) is entered 
Error occassionaly received after SSPR looks up the user, but before prompting for the OTP
Error sometimes after entering the OTP 


Reset the security key on all SSPR servers to the same new value.  (Don't just copy around an existing key.)  Reset the security key in  "Configuration Editor --> Settings --> Security --> Security key


This error is has two possible causes:

1) The security key of the token does not match the security key of the server trying to receive the token.  This happens if there are multiple SSPR servers being used and the security key doesn't match.

2) The token value is being corrupted somehow.  This can happen in one-off situations if the user is typing it in manually, but also may be possible if user is clicking link in email, and email formatting, browser, OS, network or some other factor has an encoding issue or otherwise modifies the token.

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