820A Error in client and Post Office logs

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  • 17-Sep-2014
  • 01-Oct-2014


Novell GroupWise 2014
Novell GroupWise 2012


ERROR: "Error: Too many files open [820A]"
ERROR: "The database facility reported error [820A] on msg181.db"
ERROR: "Error Processing Message: [820A]"
ERROR: "MTP: Error scanning directory [820A]: /pathToPostOfficeDirectory/wpcsin/x"


Follow the steps listed below:
On the GWIA server:
  1. Edit /etc/security/limits.conf file.
  2. Type the following at the bottom of the file:
    *   soft  nofile  65535
    *   hard  nofile  65535
  3. Save the file.
  4. Edit /etc/sysctl.conf file.
  5. Type the following at the bottom of the file.
    fs.inode-nr = 128000
    fs.file-max = 64000
  6. Save the file.
  7. Type "chkconfig boot.sysctl on" and press Enter on the Console.
  8. Launch ConsoleOne.
  9. Connect to the Domain Object.
  10. Highlight the Post Office Object in question.
  11. Use the drop-down list to display the Post Office Agents.
  12. Right Click on the POA object and click Properties.
  13. Click GroupWise | Agent Settings.
  14. Increase the Max. Physical Connections. Double the Physical Connections.
  15. Click Apply and Close.
  16. Restart the Server.