ZCM Agent Cleanup Utility does not complete in Swedish Windows

  • 7015657
  • 12-Sep-2014
  • 22-Jan-2015


ZCM Agent Cleanup Utility


The ZCM agent installed in Swedish Windows.
Windows Language Format is set to Swedish.
The digit grouping symbol in Numbers Format is set to a white space.

The cleanup utility ends in failure status and most of the ZCM agent files do not get removed.


This is fixed in version 11.3.2 agent cleanup utility, see download.novell.com, Patch Finder (07 Jan 2015 - ZCM Agent Cleanup Utility 11.3.2 11.3.2 ) for ZENworks Configuration Management.
For Swedish Numbers Format it is a work around to configure the . character as digit grouping symbol.


With recent versions of the ZCM Agent Cleanup Utility we introduced a check to read the content of the file %zenworks_home%\version.txt, so we can detect whether a version 11.3 or higher is installed.

This check fails on a number format as described above.