Unable to provision eDirectory user to be a GroupWise user with the GroupWise plugin

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  • 10-Sep-2014
  • 12-Dec-2017


Novell GroupWise 2012 Support Pack 3
Novell GroupWise 2014 Support Pack 1


The GroupWise administrator is unable to provision an eDirectory user to be a GroupWise user from iManager 2.7.7.  When he attempts to provision the user , the administrator gets the iManager GroupWise plugin error : 

"GroupWise configuration error, User/Group is added successful to the postoffice.  The association failed with status code: 400 and with status message: Bad Request.  Please check if the right ldap ID is used in configuration.  You can associate this user manually in GroupWise admin console."

Then the error : "Adding a user to postoffice failed with status code: 409 and with status message: Conflict.  Please resolve the issue before trying again."


While in iManger , provisioning the eDirectory user, when you click on the "GroupWise" tab in the Modify Object dialog, there is a configuration selection called "GroupWise Configuration".  It was discovered that the listed "LDAP server ID" was an incorrect name.  This name needs to match exactly to the LDAP directory name listed in the GroupWise Administration web console, System, LDAP Servers, this includes case.  For example, if you have the LDAP directory name in the GroupWise administration console as NOVELL but you use Novell in the GroupWise configuration in iManager it is going to see it as a different directory name and will return the error.  It must also be NOVELL in iManager.

Note: This LDAP server ID may appear as "Enter GroupWise Admin Directory Name:" , if you hover your mouse over this field you will see help information about "Enter the LDAP ID for this eDirectory Server ".

Note:  If you have any error when using a hostname for the "Enter GroupWise Admin Service URL", use an ip address instead. 

Additional Information

You will also find a corresponding error to this event in the /var/log/novell/groupwise/gwadmin/gwadmin-service.log file :
"2014-09-10 10:30:51 GwExceptionMapper [INFO] 400 BAD_REQUEST: LDAP server 'hello.eDir3-hello' not found"


"2014-09-10 10:30:54 GwExceptionMapper [INFO] 409 CONFLICT: javax.naming.NameAlreadyBoundException: The context already exists.  DOM1.PO2.admin.; remaining name 'DOM1.PO2.admin' "