DSfW: Software installation fails in GPO edit or in new GPO creation

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  • 03-Sep-2014
  • 24-Sep-2014


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 2 (OES11SP2)
Domain Services for Windows


Software installation fails in GPO edit or in new GPO creation.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open GPMC.msc from a WS joined to DSfW domain.
2) Right click on either Default Domain Policy or newly created GPO.
3) In Group Policy Management Editor, expand Computer Configuration->
Software Settings.
4) Right click on Software Installation, select New->Package and try to select
any *.msi file from from samba share (sysvol)

Pop message dial come with following message:
"Add operation failed. The policy can not be modified for this container. Check permission"


Fixed in the September 2014 Maintenance Patch

Additional Information

ndstrace reports the following -672 error:
4268373760 LDAP: [2014/03/03 15:23:14.861] (
add: dn (CN=e3f9b448-1cc8-4f11-97b9-c158d308a155,CN=Packages,CN=Class
4268373760 LDAP: [2014/03/03 15:23:14.862] (
DDCCreateEntryEx failed, err = no access (-672)
4268373760 LDAP: [2014/03/03 15:23:14.862] (
Sending operation result 50:"":"NDS error: no access (-672)" to connection

Following request is sent to DSfW server for attribute packageFlags and objeectclass attributes for which the above response is given:
4279043840 LDAP: [2014/03/03 15:23:14.858] (
Search request:
base: "CN=Packages,CN=Class
scope:1 dereference:0 sizelimit:0 timelimit:0 attrsonly:0
filter: "(packageName=SolidWorks Enterprise PDM)"
attribute: "objectclass"
attribute: "packageFlags"

The object: CN=Packages,CN=ClassStore,CN=Machine,CN={31B2F340-016D-11D2-945F-00C04FB984F9},CN=POLICIES,CN=SYSTEM,DC=RDM,DC=NOVELL,DC=COM does exists in the server.