CLE fails when Zen Client is installed, and Novell Client is in "passive" mode

  • 7015594
  • 26-Aug-2014
  • 28-Aug-2014


Windows 7 workstation
Client Login Extension (CLE) version: 3.7.3
Zen Client version:
Novell Client version: 2 SP3 Win7 IR8
Novell Client in passive mode (Novell Logon=off)


Clicking "forgotten password" link on the Windows 7 authentication tile fails to take user to change password page.
CLE link fails to open.
Nothing happens when user clicks "forgotten password."
Problem occurs when "Login with Non-Novell credential provider = On"  (Novell Client properties > Advanced Login)
Problem does not occur when "Login with Non-Novell credential provider = Off" 
Problem does not occur without the Zen Client installed, regardless of setting for "Login with Non-Novell credential provider"


Bug report has been entered.

Workaround is to set "Login with Non-Novell credential provider" to "Off."


Reported to Engineering