Double Login received running Remote Desktop Connection to Workstation with CLE installed.

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  • 25-Aug-2014
  • 25-Aug-2014


NetIQ Identity Manager Client Login Extension
NetIQ Self Service Password Reset


When remoting into a workstation with Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC.EXE), a double login is received when the Client Login Extensions (CLE) for forgotten password are installed on the workstation.

WITHOUT CLE installed, to make an RDP connection to a remote Windows 7 workstation, you do the following:
1. launch mstsc.exe,  
2. enter the computer name or ip addres and select connect
3. enter credentials in the RDP login box
And go straight to the desktop of the remote computer.

AFTER INSTALLING CLE the steps are the same, except that after entering credentials in the RDP login box (step 3) you are presented with the Windows authentication window. 
- Using Remote Desktop Connection,
- You put in your credentials
- When the connection to the desktop launches, it prompts you for the credentials again.


This behavior is functioning as designed.
Because of security reasons, windows Terminal server does not support authentication with custom credential types.

Below is an MSDN article that discusses this.