Error [EA01] Initial Attempt to download attachment failed (slow performance)

  • 7015526
  • 13-Aug-2014
  • 13-Aug-2014


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


Slow performance of Mobility server, no new mail items syncing.
/var/log/datasync/connectors/groupwise-agent.log reports the following errors repeatedly:
Initial Attempt to download attachment failed
Error EA01


Determine if a proxy is configured in the server's environment:
env | grep -i proxy

If a proxy is configured:
  • (option A) Disable the proxy from YaST and then restart the server.
  • (option B) See TID 7009730 - Mobility stops working when Proxy is enabled on SLES to properly configure the server's proxy settings.


Mobility stops working when proxy is enabled. GroupWise-Agent attempts to download attachments using "HTTP GET" (Faster method). These requests actually go to the proxy server, so it would switcfh to the slower method of downlaoding attachments (SOAP getAttachmentRequest).