Several types of GroupWise 2014 administrative changes cannot be saved in the GroupWise Admin Web Console

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  • 13-Aug-2014
  • 13-Aug-2014


Novell GroupWise 2014


When the customer attempts to make several different types of admin changes in the GroupWise Web Admin console when you then go to click on SAVE.  The spinner spins forever and never completes and actually saves the changes.  Certain types of admin changes are fine, others are not :

- Create or modify LDAP or eDirectory servers in the System
- Change poa ip address and log settings

- Add or import users into a post office, I was testing with the "ESPO" post
office under the primary domain called EDOM.

- Change GW user passwords
- Create a GW resource and assign ownership.
- Crete a Library,
-  etc...

- Add users to new or existing GroupWise Groups
- Assign owner to a Groupwise group
- Add users to the Library Rights list, 
- can't change domain or post office paths under the GENERAL tab of these objects
- Can't add a Domain administrator and assign this user to the Domain


It was discovered that the solution was to remove the check mark by - "Used for external GroupWise systems only" , under System | Internet Addressing | edit the preferred iDomain.


The customer default preferred Internet Addressing iDomain was flagged as being "external" by mistake.  All objects that have an Internet Addressing component were affected when trying to SAVE administrative changes.  Changes will be made in GW2014 build 117074 or higher that will prevent flagging an internal system preferred iDomain as being external.