After update of SUSE Studio 1.3 web interface gets setup failure

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  • 12-Aug-2014
  • 12-Aug-2014


SUSE Studio Onsite 1.3
Upgraded through update service to version 1.3.7


Web interface will give error message "Could not get the setup status."

/srv/studio/ui-server/log/production.log will include the following message:

No secret_token file found Started GET "/api/v2/admin/health_check" for ::1 at 2014-08-07 16:58:07 +0000


Copy the file /srv/studio/ui-server/config/secret-token to /srv/studio/sid/core_app/config/

Restart studio_sid_downloader and apache2 or alternatively just reboot the server.


The secret token was not properly generated for one of the Studio components, 'SID'.

Additional Information

This issue will be corrected in the next maintenance update to Studio Onsite (version greater than 1.3.7).

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