Cluster resource not showing up in iManager

  • 7015508
  • 11-Aug-2014
  • 22-Jun-2021


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2


Cluster resource not showing up in iManager -> cluster management.  However, it can be seen in cluster options.
Using the command "cluster resources" from the server does not show the resource either.


Only use the following procedure after first following TID 7001365 to clean up the corruption in the resource priority list and it does not resolve the issue.

1. Make sure it's a one-to-one match in eDir. Every resource object present in the priority list, and an entry in the list is associated with a resource object.
2. Update the list if needed, also make sure entry "NUMRESOURCES" in the list is accurate. Increase the entry "REVISION" there if the list is updated.
3. Make sure the priority list you see in iManager is the updated one (without the Master IP Address resource, of course). Move a resource down, and save the change. If the change stays, the missing resources should be back (and you can move the resource up). If that's the case, you can stop here.
4. If not, check and record the value of attribute "NCS:Revision" of the object for every missing resource.
5. On the master node, check "/var/opt/novell/ncs/resource-priority.conf" has the latest information. If not, you can run /opt/novell/ncs/bin/ -init" there to update the file.
6. For each missing object, run command 'echo -n "RESOURCES <resource_name> =<ncs_revision>" > /proc/ncs/cluster' on the master node. Replace <resource_name> with the name of the resource.  Replace <ncs_revision> with the numerical value from step 4.  There is a space between <resource_name> and the equal sign '='. All missing resources should show up now.
7. Repeat step 3, making sure that you can really save the changes you made. This will prevent the problems from happening again.


The master node in the cluster does not have the cluster resource in memory.   You need to delete/create resources using the supported methods so NCS (Novell Cluster Services) is notified of any cluster resource changes.