GroupWise 2014: How to change the gwadminservice MTA admin port

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  • 07-Aug-2014
  • 07-Aug-2014


Novell GroupWise 2014


Please follow the steps below to reconfigure the gwadminservice Admin Port for a specific MTA:
  1. Open a web browser to the GroupWise Admin Console: see Accessing the GroupWise Admin Console.
  2. From the left panel, click Message Transfer Agents and select the desired MTA.
  3. Select the Agent Settings tab.
  4. From the Network Address section, configure the Admin Port and click Save.
    Note: For details about Bind exclusively to TCP/IP Address, see Binding the MTA to a Specific IP Address.
  5. Restart the reconfigured MTA: rcgrpwise restart <mta>
  6. Restart the gwadminservice: rcgrpwise restart gwadminservice
    Note: The gwadminservice reads the configured port of the running MTA. The port is reconfigured, then the MTA must be restarted, then gwadminservice is restarted to host the admin service for the reconfigured domain(s).

Additional Information

It can take some time for the gwadminservice to start up Admin Consoles for each of the MTAs on a given server.