Filr Desktop Client missing Windows context-menu actions

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  • 07-Aug-2014
  • 08-Aug-2014


Novell Filr
Microsoft Windows


Filr Desktop Client missing Windows context-menu actions
Right-click Filr Folder from Windows File Explorer, there are no Filr context menu options.
Filr Desktop Client missing Synchronize Now and View in a web browser


The following are suggested troubleshooting steps for this issue:

  1. (Prior to Filr 1.1) Right-click on the Filr system tray icon, click Open Filr console | Select General Settings | Filr Folder path is case-sensitive prior to Filr 1.1, verify this path is exact, down to the case.
  2. Verify the system tray application is running and the user is logged in.
  3. If everything looks good with the system tray app, try exiting the systray app and starting it again.
  4. If the icons and context menus still don't appear, try rebooting or logging out and logging back in.
  5. If that doesn't solve the problem, uninstall and reinstall Filr. The Windows registry files need to be recreated during the Filr Desktop Client install:
    Note: Verify no workstation security software interferes with the installation process.
    • Uninstall Filr Desktop Client from the Windows Workstation
    • Restart the Windows Workstation
    • Install Filr Desktop Client


The following are possible causes:
  • The Install failed to restart explorer properly. In this case, rebooting or logging out and logging back in would fix the problem.
  • Windows Registry has a problem. In this case, the fix would be to uninstall/reinstall Filr. The right-click menu options from Windows File Exporer are controlled by the Windows registry. The registry could have corrupt entries, or they were removed, or perhaps never installed due to a security software presence that blocked its' creation.
  • The Filr system tray application is not running, or has an invalid password, or can't contact the Filr server.