Can't edit GroupWise settings in Webadmin for mobility users:"An Error Has Occured"

  • 7015472
  • 04-Aug-2014
  • 04-Aug-2014


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0


Administrator is on the GMS server, Launches Webadmin,  logs in as root, selects edit user, goes to settings column, selects edit device, selects edit GroupWise settings.  In the settings he selects the address books he would like to sync, hits save, and receives the following error:"An error has occured."

gms 201 build 53


Installed per tid 7015282. Ran ./ which launched a check and found a mismatch in the versions of the rpm's and the database. 

  • From a terminal window, stop Mobility services: rcdatasync stop OR rcgms stop
  • Run /opt/novell/datasync/


Mismatch in versions of installed software and the mobility database.