iPrint Appliance 1.1 message: "Migration failed with Errors(s)"

  • 7015452
  • 30-Jul-2014
  • 29-Aug-2014


Novell iPrint for Linux


When executing a migration from an OES iPrint server to an iPrint Appliance server version 1.1, the following error is shown at the end of the migration:

iprintmig command failed!
Migration failed with Error(s)

The /var/opt/novell/migration/<projectName>/log/iprint.log will show:

IPRINT:/opt/novell/bin/iprintmig:Information: Printing the logs : Information: In main () : Created a logger reference.cp:
cannot stat `/opt/novell/migration/plugin/conf/SourceCert.der': No such file or directory
IPRINT:/opt/novell/bin/iprintmig:Information: Printing the logs : ldapssl_client_init error -1
IPRINT:/opt/novell/bin/iprintmig:rm: cannot remove `/tmp/SourceCertzvGC.der': No such file or directory


The correct action is to take no action.  The message is false and the migration was actually successful.  Taking the following steps will confirm that the migration was successful:
  • Are the printers listed on the /ipp page, and do they install to test workstations?
    • http://<ip or dns of the iPrint Appliance>/ipp
  • Do the printers exist in this list and show the appropriate status?
    • https://<ip or dns of the iPrint Appliance>/psmstatus
      • Note: Some printers will show as Error Printing, but that may be normal (printer turned off, out of paper, toner, etc)


The false message will appear if the non-default SSL option is used when authenticating the Source Server within the miggui tool.  If non-SSL is checked for the Target server, this problem will not occur.

Note: Removing the check mark for "Use SSL" is the non-default configuration. If the default configuration is used, meaning the check mark exists for "Use SSL", the false message will not appear.