Unable to log into WebAccess after upgrading to GroupWise 2014

  • 7015434
  • 28-Jul-2014
  • 28-Jul-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014


When attempting to log into webaccess, a SOAP error is seen
Unable to telnet IP address on SOAP port


  1. Log into the GWAdmin Console
  2. Select Post Office Agents and click the POA that is having problems
  3. Click on the SSL Settings tab and click Generate Certificate
  4. Restart the post office by typing rcgrpwise restart po.dom


After upgrade the certs wills sometimes need to be reconfigured.

Additional Information

Attempting to log in gives the error [9505] Your post office is unavailable.  The post office Agent might not be configured for SOAP.  Please contact your system administrator.