Error -9131 in trace on IDM driver when driver starts up.

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  • 28-Jul-2014
  • 28-Jul-2014


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On start-up and also in the middle of many transactions a -9131 error will happen.
In trace you will see something like this:
Message:  Code(-9131) Error in <driver information...> XmlData:89 : Error evaluating XPATH expression 'token-xpath("es:guid2string($driver//attr[@attr-name='GUID']/value/text())")' : com.novell.xml.xpath.XPathEvaluationException: function 'es:guid2string' not found.


The -9131 error is because the ECMA script NOVLLIBAJC-JS is missing from the connector.
It should be found in the Library object under the Driver Set object. Add it to the connector and try starting the driver again.
For example, you may want to try the following steps:
1. Update Designer to get the latest updates and packages.
2. Add the missing library file to the existing Driver Set. You may want to recreate drivers with new names and check the libraries created under them.
3. Redeploy the drivers to the live IDM servers.  You should then see the missing library NOVLLIBAJC-JS under the list of Library objects under the Driver Set object.


There was a bug in the first version of IDM 4.0 where the library NOVLLIBAJC-JS would not be attached to the Driver Set object.  The bug number is 582411.