How do I collect Diagnostic Logs for NetIQ Aegis?

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  • 25-Jul-2014
  • 25-Jul-2014


NetIQ Aegis 3.x
NetIQ Aegis 2.x


In order to collect diagnostic logs for NetIQ Aegis, you will need to reproduce the issue that is being investigated, and then immediately navigate to the following path on the Aegis Server:
<install path>\NetIQ\Aegis\IQConnect73\log
If you have just recently reproduced the issue, or if the issue has re-occurred very recently, you should capture the current copy of each of the following logs:

- NetIQ Aegis Activity Broker
- NetIQ Aegis Namespace Provider
- NetIQ Aegis Engine

If you are capturing logs for an issue that has previously occurred and cannot be readily reproduced, check the previous copies of these logs.  Their names should include a date/time stamp, which may allow you to find logs that were collected at the time that the issue occurred.

NOTE:  Diagnostic logs roll over primarily depending on how quickly they fill up.  Heavily used Aegis environments will have logs that roll over fairly quickly, so it's possible that logs may no longer exist for the time frame of the occurrence of an issue, if you wait too long to collect them after an issue occurs.

NetIQ recommends that when you see or experience an issue that you believe may need to be investigated by Technical Support, that you please capture logs as quickly as possible after the issue occurs.