How can I increase the number of concurrent running operations DRA can process at one time?

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  • 01-Jul-2014
  • 16-Sep-2015


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.7.x


[800700A4] Automation error No more threads can be created in the system.

NetIQ Directory Resource Administrator (DRA) has the ability to run multiple operations concurrently. Typically once the McsAdminSvc (Also known as the DRA Administration Service) completes that operation, it will release the handle created for that operation.


The error can also occur if:
  • The DRA server is not connected to the network
  • The Web Console cannot find the DRA server managing your domain
  • The ActiveEngine component is not installed on your domain
  • The connection between the Web Console server and DRA server has been interrupted
After verifying that none of the above items are causing the error, the following change may be helpful.

DRA has the ability to increase the number of concurrent operations that can be executed. The default limit is set at 30. This value can be overriden by adding the key 'ClientLimit' of type DWORD under following hive HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\Mission Critical Software\OnePoint\Administration. This value is NOT replicated between DRA Servers during a Multi-Master Set sync and must be set individually on each DRA Server. After changing this value the DRA Service must be restarted.


There are times when an operation might take longer to complete, or multiple operations are submitted back to back. When this occurs its possible for the DRA Service reach its default limit of concurrent operations. This limit is set to prevent the DRA Service from over consuming available computing resources on the DRA Server.

Additional Information

Before changing this value consider the performance impact on the DRA Server. As the number of concurrent operations the DRA Service has to process increases; the amount of computing resources required to do so increases. It is also important to research what operations might be occurring. Many times the maximum number of concurrent operations is reached when a batch operation is submitted to DRA using the Command Line Interface (also known as the EA utility); while other DRA Admins are using a different console. There are also times when a specific search in DRA is too broad; which can cause the DRA Service to take longer to process the operation.