How do I configure DRA to work with Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility mode?

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  • 01-Jul-2014
  • 14-Jan-2016


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.7.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.x


NetIQ Directory Resource Administrator (DRA) provides a Web based console. As of DRA 9.0 , the Web console has not been fully verified with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. IE does provide the ability to run a specific URL in legacy compatibility mode. This mode is used to run the application using legacy IE version settings.


To enable IE Compatibility Mode:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Navigate to the Tools --> Compatibility View settings
  3. Type the exactly Hostname for the DRA Web site
  4. Click the add button to add the site to the compatibility view list
  5. Click close to save the changes

Additional Information

Internet Explorer compatibility view settings are usually specific to each Windows User profile on each Windows OS.

By default, IE11 is set to clear your browser history when you quit, which also clears the list of websites added to Compatibility View. To disable this setting:

  1. From the IE Tools menu, select Internet Options
  2. Under the General tab, uncheck the Delete browser history on exit, then click Apply. If you do not disable this setting, you will need to recreate this list every time you launch IE.
You will need to force the web page to reload, after adding the site to the compatibility sites list. This is best done using the SHIFT + F5 key. This method tells the web browser to pull the page info directly from the server, rather than cache.

The new DRA web console, as of DRA 9.0 SP1, will not require these settings to be applied. The IE compatibility setting only applies to the legacy web console. This Web console typically has a url of http://<IIS Server name>/DRA . The new webconsole will have a URL of http://<IIS Server Name>/DRAClient .