Yast2 oes-install throws an error.

  • 7015258
  • 20-Jun-2014
  • 18-Aug-2014


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2


Trying to use "yast2 oes-install" and seeing the following error: "No workflow defined for this installation mode"


Copy the "installation.xml" manually from the OES media DVD and copy/rename it to "/etc/opt/novell/oes-installation.xml" or copy file from another installed OES11SP2 server.
Make sure the proper OES installation media is enabled and mounted and it will copy this file down to the proper location automatically.


The OES installation media is not enabled so the "installation.xml" file is not being copied down.  

Additional Information

Location of file on media
OES11-SP2-addon-x86_64-DVD1 Media -- ./installation.xml
OES11-SP2-addon_with_SLES11-SP3-x86_64-DVD  -- ./oes/installation.xml