Novell Dynamic File Services v2.1, User has a Lock Icon on files that resides on the Secondary

  • 7015201
  • 16-Jun-2014
  • 17-Jun-2014


Novell File Management Suite Dynamic File Services


User has a Lock Icon on files that resides on the Secondary.


The Lock Icon is evidence that the file has lost it ownership. This issue can be addressed by:
  • Move the file(s) back to the primary using the "Manual Move" option withing the Novell Dynamic Files Services console.
    • Once they are on the Primary, the files should inherit ownership correctly.
  • Through the merged view, an administrator can assign the ownership to the files.


This issue has been seen in situations where data was migrated from an other server, and has ended up on the secondary before user/rights have been implemented on the system.

To prevent this issue.  Ensure that Users/Rights/Data exist on the Primary prior to moving any files to the Secondary.  Only use the Novell Dynamic File Services Policy Engine to move file between the Primary and Secondary sources of a Pair!

Never allow users to map a drive directly to the Secondary. 

Additional Information

Once the Ownership issue has been addressed, the files can be moved back to the secondary via a "Manual Move" policy or a predefined policy.