Slow when adding signature to email

  • 7015175
  • 11-Jun-2014
  • 11-Jun-2014


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 2014


When trying to add a signature to an email, the email will freeze up but eventually add the signature.


  1. From the GroupWise Client go to Tools > Environment > Signature
  2. Either Delete all signatures from the list or back them up by copying the signature information and pasting into a Word document (needs to support html, not just plain text)
  3. There is usually a signature with a very large image attached to it so when trying to add a signature, the client will need to parse all signatures before bringing up the window to add a given signature.  There is no way to tell which signature has the large image attached to it. Options are to either delete all signatures and re-add or if copying them to a word document, it should show the original image size which can help narrow down on the images that are small vs large.  There can be multiple signatures with this problem all contributing to the slowdown so if  problem signature is found, either edit them to change the image to something smaller or delete and recreate that signature.


This is usually due to having a large image set with a signature that is in the list