Segment lengh of "0" in segment 2 is same as "All" when setting up Automaticly Create User Name in User Provisioning to create user with single value.

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  • 10-Jun-2014
  • 10-Jun-2014


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2.0
NetIQ Access Manager 3.2.1
NetIQ Access Manager 3.2.2
NetIQ Access Manager 4.0.0
NetIQ Access Manager 4.0.1


Lets say I want to have a user provisioned who's cn attribute is a single value such as: urn:oid: When configuring this in SAML 2.0 > Identity Provider > User Identification Method > Attribute Matching > Provisioning Settings, on step 3 of 5 Define user name creation, in Automatically create user name it is looking for values in 2 segments to create the user name during provisioning. If I configure Segment 1 with Attribute cn and length of "All", and Segment 2 with length of "0" as shown below, the end result will be a user being provisioned with a cn of urn:oid:


In the case where you only want one value as the user name, you need to set Segment 1 with the length of "0" and use Segment 2 as the single value. This should provision the user with cn of urn:oid:


This is a defect and has been reported to engineering

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