Admin Console Install script causing installation to fail when seperate partitions exist for /var and /opt file systems, is sufficient but but the /var and /opt file systems are too small

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  • 06-Jun-2014
  • 06-Jun-2014


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2
NetIQ Access Manager 4.0
NetIQ Access Manager Administration Console and Identity Server installation
RHEL 6.4 and SLES 11 SP3 platforms


VMWare platform used to install NAM components on RHEL (although happens with SLES) and two different 
disk are used for partitioning. The first disk is smaller and is used to install the OS. The key file
system partitions (/, /opt, /tmp, and /var) are all inside a volume group on this first disk.

The second disk (100GB in size) is used for the Application and a second volume group with /opt/novell,
/var/opt/, /opt/volera, and a few others in a second volume group. With this setup, the install would fail due to the mountpoint checks run: echo "The mountpoint $mntpoint needs $SPACE_NEEDED of free space, but only has $SPACE_AVAIL available." | tee -a "${log_file_path}" One could workaround the issue by commenting out lines 475-487 of the "" script This check fails because it simply checks for the /opt partition - in our case the actual /opt partition is
only 62mb in size but /opt/novell is 15GB and /opt/volera is 10gb and /var/opt/ is 64GB in size. Although the install does not check, it needs to verify whether partitions below /opt/ and /var/ exist and have enough space.


Apply 4.0 SP1.

Additional Information

The following check has been added to 4.0.1 for file system sizes:

/opt/novell - 1GB             
/opt/volera - 5MB         
/var/opt/novell - 1GB                 
/var - 512MB  
/usr - 25MB 
/etc - 1MB     
/tmp/novell_access_manager - 10MB                        
/tmp - 10MB
/  - 512 MB