Cannot import SAML connector into NetIQ Social Access UI

  • 7015144
  • 06-Jun-2014
  • 06-Jun-2014


NetIQ Social Access 1.0.1 (build 62 applied)


Administrator accessed the NetIQ Social Access (NSA) management console and logged in successfully. Clicking the import connector option to import a SAML connector, and pointing to the appropriate ZIP file containing the connector, the import process would fail with the message 'Cannot import connector'

Looking at the Fiddler trace of the operation, a 403 forbidden response code to the import process would appear, rather than the 200 OK message one would expect in working setup.


Make sure that NSA admin console is hit using the DNS name of the appliance, and not the IP address. With the IP address used, the Apache proxy fronting the Admin Console would return the 403 forbidden, as it is not a recognised hostname.